A Strange Fire By L.H Cosway

Title: A Strange Fire

Author: L.H Cosway

Series: Florence Vaine #1

Number of Pages: 284

Date of Release: March 14th 2012

Summary From Goodreads:

Flo has always had problems. Her stammer prevents her speech and her dad’s abuse makes her life a living hell. Not to mention she sees colours other people don’t.

When her dad decides to ship her off to live with her grandma in the sleepy town of Chesterport, Flo thinks that this is her chance for a better life. But on her very first day at her new school she is ridiculed and laughed at for having a stammer. One student sticks up for her and his name is Frank.

Frank’s body is surrounded by an aura of fire, but Flo is the only one who can see it. He lives in a foster home for troubled teenagers. Flo is drawn to him because he’s different and so is she.

Things are about to get scary, because Chesterport is not your ordinary suburban town. It’s infested by a coven of dark witches who prey on the young and the elderly. Soon Flo discovers that she’s next on their list of victims, and finds herself fighting a battle she never would have imagined possible.


As I first started to read the  book. I immediately fell in love with it. From Florence and her strong, Yet Low self a stem. Stammer, Presence….To Frank, And all of his lovable traits…Each page i turned (Or should i say scrolled) I just wanted more and more….Each Time, Not only Losing track of time but falling deeper and deeper into the the world of Florence Vaine…
Florence Grew up with a Alcoholic, Drug dealer farther, Who Abused her. Both physically and mentally…But once she moves to Chesterport to live with her grandmother. Her Life changes in ways she never thought possible. Florence has a gift. She can see the aura of those around her, And…… (Oh Wait, Before i go any further..You Should go buy the book and find out the rest for yourself ). 
And, If you were wondering “Does Florence has a stammer?”…Then YES you were right!!!….But to be honest i was so invested into the story and each character that it didn’t bother me at all…In Fact, It make Flo’s Character that extra bit interesting. 
I can’t wait for the Second book in the Florence Vaine Series to come out…To Continue on with the story and…To keep Drooling over Frank….& Alex (Of course some others as well  😉 
This was the first novel i have read by L.H Cosway. And now that i know how amazing she is…I will definitely go and get a copy of  her First Book -TEGAN’S BLOOD…(You Should too) 

Rating:  5/5

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